About Useful Money Stuff

An online education hub for all things accounting, money and finance
written in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

Useful Money Stuff aims to equip people with financial knowledge to help them make decisions in business and in life.

Money stress, whether from business or personal life, is well known as one of the major worries that keep people up at night. Educating yourself to learn how to manage your money can help you banish the worries that come from not understanding how money works.

Useful Money Stuff helps you understand how to manage money for business and personal through books, online courses and easy-to-understand learning resources.

Useful Money Stuff is operated by Vi, a qualified chartered accountant (qualified in Australia) and certified public accountant (CPA, in Texas). She has held previous roles as a forensic accountant, management accountant and finance manager. She developed the valuation tool for The Australian newspaper's "The List" - a listing of Australia's top richest Australians and she has also worked previously as a researcher for various 'Rich Lists' for The Australian Financial Review.

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