Xero Invoice Template if You Don't Want to Show Line Items or Invoice Detailed Lines

Sometimes when people quote or invoice, they don’t want to show detailed line items but still want to record the data.

A way to do this is to use custom docx. invoice templates that create an invoice but does not show the detailed quantity and amount of line items. This is useful if you’re quoting for a tradie type job e.g. big plumbing or construction work and showing the detailed quantity e.g. 100 nails may open the quote to more questions e.g. “Why can’t you use 80 nails?”

Here’s custom docx templates that you can use for your Xero invoice branding. Remember to make sure to edit it to suit your business needs.

template-creditnote-no-line-amounts.docx (25.2 KB)

template-invoice-no-line-amounts.docx (24.8 KB)

template-quote-no-line-amounts.docx (23.5 KB)

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