Review of MYOB and Xero

Note: I’m on a package with Xero and I’ve used the installed version of MYOB.

If I were going to use an accounting software I’d use Xero. Here’s why:

  • It’s easy to use - the bank reconciliation is intuitive
  • It’s updated frequently for the user’s benefit - they used to have in their accounts section a “Bills” area which meant purchases/expenses, and recently they’ve change that to say “Purchases”. It’s these little details that make it pleasurable to use.

I used the installed version of MYOB and found it wasn’t user friendly as Xero, especially for non-accountants. It was confusing and you had to learn how to use it unlike Xero, where you can navigate through it.

For example, you have something called a “card file”, which is basically your contact list. In Xero this is called “contacts”.

MYOB and Xero both are accounting software that’ll do the job of keeping your records, however, one is more intuitive and convenient than the other (although MYOB is on the cloud now).

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