Receipt from Paypal for services delivered by company, who do I put as a supplier in supplier invoice - how to account for it?

When you put in your purchases as supplier invoices, you may look for documents to ‘prove’ your purchase.

Examples of these documents can be:

  • Bills / Invoices from the supplier - e.g. C&C King may invoice your directly (an invoice records the sale - when payment is made, then a receipt can be issued).
  • Receipt - e.g. C&C King may also send you a receipt on payment (a receipt records payment).

So what happens when you pay online via Paypal for a service from C&C King - how do you record the supplier invoice?

What paypal is sending you is essentially a receipt that confirms payment. So the supplier name should be the supplier of the service that you’re paying for e.g. C&C King. In your invoice, you put the name of the supplier as being C&C King or the company that is providing the service/goods to you.

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