Outsourcing Your Accounting

You can outsource your accounting quite cheaply ($7 an hour) to overseas companies or freelancers. But like everything, you have to check that the work is being done property and that your information is being kept secure.

Looking for someone to outsource my accounting
You can find contractors on Odesk.com and Freelancer.com. Look for contractors with a good rating and ask them some accounting related questions to get a feel for their competencies. Don’t know any? Check our post on ‘Questions to Ask Your Accountant’. Don’t only consider price because if they make a mess of your accounts, it’ll cost you much more to fix up.

Organise Work in Tasks
A successful outsourced contractor-client relationship will be clear on what work is expected, when it’ll be done and to the level required. Having managed at one time 5 different contractors (all from overseas) to do work for me, the way to make things work is to have clear work tasks. Detail what you need them to do and make sure you check the work.

Storage of Invoices
A way to make sure your contractor has the documentation to input transactions is to provide it to him/her via email or you can upload documentation into a dropbox/google folder and share that folder. Remember, invoices may contain identifying information so ensure that the person you’re dealing with can be trusted.

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