Importing Paypal and Stripe Transactions into Xero

If you’re selling online and using stripe or paypal to collect payments, at one point you’re going to want these transactions to appear into Xero.

You can:
a) Integrate the system to do it automatically. For example, I could get a developer to alter the backend of my site so that if a sale is made via Paypal or Stripe it uses the Xero API to automatically create invoices for me so at the end of the period (daily, weekly or monthly) all I have to do is reconcile my bank account.
But this is costly and setting up something like this often takes a lot of time.

b) The other thing you can do is export csv files from your system. For example, I export all my stripe transactions and paypal transactions and then use the sales upload template in Xero to bulk upload all invoices at one time. This does take time but is a cheaper option than (a) if you’ve only got 10-50 transactions.

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