I want to add 2+ businesses on Xero, is that possible?

Ideally what you should do when you have more than 1 business is purchase an additional pack from Xero but there is a way to get around this, although it won’t be as clean as you’d like.

Here’s how you can do it.
So I have business ABC and also doing a few things on the side for business 123.
I’m using Xero to manage all the invoices and purchases for ABC but I also want to do it for business 123.
I go to settings > General settings and then >Tracking.
Here, I’ll create the following entities called ‘business 123’ and ‘business ABC’
When I create invoices and add in purchases, I’ll allocate it to the entity ‘business 123’ for that business and for business ABC’s invoices and purchases, I’ll allocate it to the entity ‘business ABC’.
This will allow my reports to track which entity they belong to.

This however isn’t a full-proof and clean solution as 1 Xero package is really meant to be for 1 business. For example, if you were to create an invoice that was meant to be for business 123 and it sends from the system that was set up for business ABC originally, the invoice details will have those for business ABC and there are more downsides to this …

So if you do decide to do it, understand the limitations.

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