How to Prepare a NZ GST Return in Xero

If your business is in New Zealand, depending on your registration, your business may need to report to the Inland Revenue for their GST via the GST Revenue and Provisional Tax Return.

The GST Return is a form to report GST. Xero generates pretty much all of the figures you’ll need for your report so it’s easy to prepare a NZ GST Return in Xero. Just remember that Xero pull tax numbers from the transactions you put in Xero so it’s extremely important to input in your transactions correctly.

To prepare your GST Return, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Reports > GST Return
  2. Only needs to be done once - Input your business GST details such as registration, accounting basis (invoice or payments), frequency of filling, next period due.
  3. Your GST Return, Provisional Return and GST Audit Report will be generated - review these reports.
  4. Once you’re happy with the reports, click “Save” and “Save Final”
  5. Next to the Author area, click the Author and then “Save”. Again, once you’re satisfied everything’s ok, click “Publish” and “Save”.
  6. You’ll now need to file it with Inland Revenue. Transfer the information that was in your published report to the GST Return Form and send it off.

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