How to Give People Access to Xero in 5 Simple Steps & Set up Different Levels of User Access

Here’s how you can give people access to Xero in 5 Simple Steps:

  1. Log into Xero, go to Settings > General Settings > Users
  2. Click “Invite a User” and put in their details.
  3. Select the user’s level of access that suits your invitee and edit what they can or cannot do. For example, if it’s your accountant, click “Adviser” if it’s your employee, you could do something like “Read Only” so that employees can see how the financials the company they work is going.
  4. Click “Continue” once you’ve happy and personalise your email message to the invitee.
  5. Click “Send Invite”. Now your invitee can access Xero in the way that you want. All they have to do is go onto and they’ll be able to see your company/business financial details.

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