Part 5 - Employee Portal for Timesheet and Leave

This post follows from Part 4 - Processing Payroll in Xero and Generating Pay Slips.

In this post we’ll go through giving employees access to Xero payroll so they can:

  • View their personal details
  • Enter in their timesheet (so all you have to do is approve it)
  • Make leave requests and check out how much leave they have left.
  • Retrieve their payslips

Having employees input directly into Xero will make it easier for you as you don’t need additional paper work and login data is always trackable. Furthermore, when employees enter in their own data, all you have to do is check over it and approve it.

To provide employees with portal access:

  1. Go to Payroll > Employees > Select the employee and click “Options”
  2. Select “Send Employee Invite” and “Yes”
  3. Now your employee will receive an email inviting them to access the Employee Portal.

With the employee portal, employees access a dashboard called “My Payroll”.

It’s easy to navigate and here’s a summary of the available tabs:

  • Your details - provides the employees with their details recorded.
  • Payslips - employees can access their payslip details
  • Leave - overview of the leave available. To apply for leave:
    1. Click “Apply for Leave”
    2. Add the leave type e.g. “Annual Leave” using the drop down and other details including your authorised managers for your leave then “Save and Send for Approval”
  • Timesheets - employees can add timesheet by clicking “Add Timesheet” and see if their timesheet is being processed, pending approval, approved etc… To enter timesheet details via the Employee Portal:
    1. Click “Add Timesheet” in timesheet tab.
    2. Add earnings type by selecting “Ordinary Hours” from drop-down under “Earnings Rate”
    3. Enter in the hours worked by clicking the empty field on the day and enter in your hours.
    4. If you have overtime, on a new line below Ordinary Hours, select “Overtime Hours” from the drop-down under “Earnings Rate” and fill in the details of the overtime hours worked like you did for Ordinary Hours.
    5. To submit your timesheet, click “Submit” and select the manager to approve your timesheet and click “Submit Approval”

Move on now to the final part of this guide - Part 6 - Superannuation & Payment Summaries

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