Part 1 - Introduction

Payroll is involved with everything to do with the payment of an organisation’s employees along with meeting obligations associated with payroll such as superannuation.

This guide is designed to help you with setting up and using payroll in Xero. The guide is split up into a few parts being:

Part 2: Setting up your payroll & Gathering Information
Part 3: Adding Employees
Part 4: Processing Payroll in Xero and Generating Pay Slips
Part 5: Employee Portal for Timesheet & Leave
Part 6: Superannuation, PAYG Withheld & Payment Summaries

This guide can help you in organising your payroll in Xero, but you’ll need to rely on external sources to make sure your meeting all your payroll obligations. Here’s a list of useful resources:

So… let’s get started! Go to Part 2 - Setting up your payroll & Gathering Information

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